Rebecca Logsdon Muenich
I am a new Assistant Professor at Arizona State University. Previously I was a postdoc at the Graham Sustinability Institute under  Dr. Donald Scavia  from 2015-2017. I completed my Ph.D. (2015) and M.S.E. (2011) in Agricultural & Biological Engineering at Purdue University under  Dr. Indrajeet Chaubey . I began my career in my homestate, Arkansas, by finishing my B.S. (2009) in Biological Engineering (minors in Geology and Mathematics) from the University of Arkansas under the mentoring of  Dr. Sreekala Bajwa



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& prior​​

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Selected Presentations

International & National

  1. Muenich RL, Long CM, Kalcic MM, Scavia D. Does manure roll downhill? Estimating the potential contribution of manure to river nutrient loads. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting . Spokane, Washington, USA, Jul. 16-19, 2017,.
  2. Muenich RL, Scavia D, Read J Kerkez B, Teshager A, Bocaniov S, Hu Y, Kalcic M, Wang Y-C, Long C, Vacarro L. Assessing the sources and management options for Detroit River nutrient loads to Lake Erie. 8th Binational Meeting of the Lake Erie Millennium Network . Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Feb. 21-23, 2017.
  3. Muenich RL, Kalcic MM, Scavia D, Winsten J, O’Neil G, Day M, Fisher K. Application of the SWAT Model in a Pay-For-Performance Agricultural Conservation Program to Reduce Phosphorus Losses. 2016 Watershed Technology Conference . Quito, Ecuador, Dec. 3-9, 2016.
  4. Muenich RL, Kalcic MM, Scavia D. Visualizing alternative pathways for reducing phosphorus loads into Lake Erie. 2015 International Soil & Water Assessment Tool Conference . Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA, October 14-16, 2015.
  5. Logsdon RA, Omani N, Cibin R, Chaubey I, Srinivasan R. The future of ecosystem services in the Upper Mississippi River Basin. ASABE 1st Climate Change Symposium: Adaption and Mitigation.  Chicago, IL,  USA, May 3-5, 2015.
  6. Logsdon RA, Dennedy-Frank PJ, Chaubey I, Ziv G. Ecosystem service assessments for water resources management: A comparison of two tools. A Community on Ecosystem Services . Washington, D.C., USA, Dec. 8-12, 2014.
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Regional & Local

  1. Logsdon RA. Ecosystem services--agricultural and quantitative perspective in Learning from Ecosystem Services Work in Contexts Outside the NERRS. Valuing Ecosystem Services in the National Estuarine Research Reserve System Summit.  Wells, ME, USA, Apr. 30-May 1, 2015.
  2. Logsdon RA, Payne LB, Peel S, Haas MH, Bowling LC, Turco RF. The Wabash sampling blitz: Engaging the local community around the Wabash River. The 34th Annual Indiana Water Resources Association Spring Symposium, “The State of the State’s Waters” . Ball State University, Muncie, IN, USA, Jun. 19-21, 2013.